For bulk meat orders, please email or call us to be placed on the waiting list. However, we have plenty available for retail purchase in our farm store year round.
​Call today for pricing and details on beef quarters and halves at 325-370-5159 or email us from here.
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Support your local Farmers

Call or message 325-370-5159 to place your order for one of the following packages and we will have it ready to go when you get here! Click on the green button for prices and details.

To abide by CDC recommendations for 6' space distancing between customers, we must limit the number of customers in the outdoor fenced area to no more than 48,400 people at any time. Obviously, there is no way we would ever reach that number of customers at one time, but we just want all of our customers and the public to know that we do have plenty of room for you to come and get your essential food items while remaining in a comfortable spacious environment at all times.

​Farmers and ranchers are now on the front lines when it comes to fighting the impact of COVID-19, thanks to a decision by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).
The agency is recognizing thousands of jobs in agriculture and related fields as “essential critical infrastructure workers.”
"Everyone from the people who supply the inputs to the farmers and producers who grow the food and care for animals are essential”
Washington post- Food is an essential, so even with calls for “social distancing” because of the coronavirus pandemic, no one is suggesting that we stop shopping for groceries.

We are here for our community, just the same as always, to provide farm fresh produce, meats, and other products that our community can be assured are good for you and as fresh as you can get..... straight from our fields to your table. We ask that you remember that we have been here, serving our community since 2007, through the good and the bad, the droughts and the floods, and we will continue to do so as long as we are able. We wish we could grow produce year round, but unfortunately, here in West Texas, it must be a seasonal harvest. 

Open April 10th- August 2nd, September 25th- November 1st, and November 27th- December 31st.

Our produce selection changes weekly as the seasons change. Growing local seasonal fruits and vegetables is what Denton Valley Farms is all about.

We will post at the top of this page and on our facebook page what is available each weekend.

Here is some of the produce we grow and the approximate harvest dates:

Blackberries ripen in mid-late May and last through June.

22 different varieties of peaches and plums available late May through early September. Varieties range from traditional yellow-fleshed peaches to white fleshed and 'donut'. 

Other seasonal produce including black-eye and purple hull peas, cantaloupes, watermelons, tomatoes, and okra. Usually available June- August. 

A couple of items that we now offer: our farm raised chicken eggs, a variety of local raw milk cheeses, a greater selection of baked goods, pick-your-own blackberries in May & June, and a much larger produce selection! Click HERE to learn more about our produce.
We have added flour and other baking items that are made from wheat and corn grown here in Texas, all organic and non-GMO. The nuts and candy items are produced here in Texas as well. Our seasonings and mixes are all made at other small cooperating farms here in Texas. Our jams & jellies are either our own made here on our farm or from another Texas farm.

​We also have a large selection of beef, lamb, and goat meat in stock now. Let us know what you need and we can put it together!

All of our meat is raised right here on the farm, grass fed, and no hormones given.... ever. Our customers are amazed at the difference between ours and what you will find at the grocery store.
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Please email with your orders or call

Amanda at 325-370-5159 or

Colby at 325-665-2349

We are not shipping at this time, so our products are currently only available at the Farm Store or some items for delivery to Abilene or Clyde.

We do farm tours April-October, soClick here for more details and to sign up your school or group.


​​​​​​​​​​​​Farm store CLOSED UNTIL SPRING

We want to say thank you to all of our loyal customers as we come upon this holiday season.
We have had lots of messages, calls, and emails asking about Christmas at The Farm.......

We had to make that difficult decision several months ago during the summer. We made a huge investment to more than double our Christmas light display this past offseason. Completing the display for 2020 would have required an additional tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours of labor. Our concern was not knowing what the State and Local government leaders would decide to do. If we invest all of this money into Christmas at the Farm and the Local government shuts us down, then it would be devastating for the future of our farm. We are just a small family farm that is completely privately owned and privately funded by us. We receive zero tax dollars and zero tax breaks to put on our Christmas at the Farm event for the Big Country to enjoy.

Many of our customers already know that some of our Local government leaders attempted to shut us down in April, so what is to stop them from trying it again in December? So, it is with great sadness that we announce Christmas at the Farm will not take place in 2020. Saddest of all is the loss of 40+ local jobs during this Christmas season.

We know of non-profit and private/non-profit partnership Christmas events that plan to continue to open as normal, but they have no risk involved as they are funded with our tax dollars, use volunteer workers, and take advantage of tax free benefits. They also have support from local government officials who will certainly try to let them remain open. It is simply too large of a risk for our family owned business to take this year.
However, we will be coming back stronger and bigger than ever next Christmas season as we complete these one-of-a-kind, custom built light projects we have started. We guarantee you will love our 2021 plans for Christmas at The Farm!

We were blessed with a great fall season and were glad we got to share the fall festivities at the farm with most of you! We are proud of our positive economic impact on The Big Country and sad that Local and State politics can have such a negative impact on any privately owned small business. Unfortunately, that is the case this year, and again, a risk our family can not afford to take.

You don’t have to wait an entire year to come see us again though as we will still be opening up in the Spring as normal for pick your own strawberries and Easter weekend festivities. Farm fresh air and good produce is something to look forward to for spring 2021.

God bless your families and we hope you all stay safe this holiday season....... we cannot wait for 2021 to get here!