School Field Trips

Available April-August & October

Mondays-Thursdays only

Tour of the farm and some information about the produce growing at the time (content of information will be based upon age group of the students)

Hay ride on tractor & trailer through the woods area (if your field trip time permits this)

Your students may bring a sack lunch to have a picnic on the grass out back of pavilion. Teachers are responsible for making sure trash goes into trash cans and DVF staff will dispose of the trash.

Cost per child is $2

You may also add a homemade ice cream cup for an additional $2/ child.

For the month of October you can add a mini pumpkin for each child to take home at an additional $2/ child.

Please fill out this information sheet and return it to us at least 3 weeks prior to desired field trip date.


School/ Organization: ________________________________________________________________

Name of Teacher or person in charge of trip: _____________________________________________

Contact information: Phone ___________________________________________________________

Email ___________________________________________________________

Desired date of field trip: _____________________________________________________________

Approximately how many students will attend: ___________________________________________

What age(s) or classes will be coming: __________________________________________________

Additional requests? ________________________________________________________________

Ice cream cups (quantity) _____________________

Mini Pumpkins (quantity) _____________________