Monday’s supper: $35
2 packages (4) pork chops
2 baskets of squash
2 baskets green beans
1 pint ice cream

Call or message 325-370-5159 to place your order for one of the following packages and we will have it ready to go when you get here! 

Friday’s chicken fried steak meal- $30
2 pkgs tenderized rounds
1# flour
2# potatoes (red, purple, gold, your choice)
2 Baskets squash or 2 baskets green beans

This week’s harvest sampler $30
1# onions
1# potatoes mixed

head of garlic
1 basket peaches!
1 basket squash
pint blackberries

pint cherry tomatoes

basket green beans

basket of cucumbers

5 ears corn

Saturday Breakfast $18
Dozen eggs
2 breakfast sausage (your choice hot or mild)