$5 During the day (Sat & Sun 11-5 Only)

$10 AFTER DARK (Roughly after 7:30pm)

11/3/23- Last FRIGHT NIGHT LITE will special effects, but no actors $7

​11/4/23- OPEN AS NORMAL with full effects and actors $10

During the day, this is a fun ~30 minute walking trail for the whole family to see our one of a kind, all custom designed and built, statues, props, and structures. It is a fun trail to take during the day in the cooler large oak tree shaded forest. Be prepared to be walking a good distance. Close toed shoes are highly recommended. During the day- no live actors, sights & sounds without all the frights! Fun for all ages

For Night tickets: We recommend children 12 and under be accompanied by an adult after dark. There may be strobe lights on the trail. There are live scare actors, lights, sounds, fog, and special effects! This is like a giant outdoor haunted house that will take you 20-30 minutes to get through, depending on how fast you run scared and screaming.

NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO ALLOWED. No flashlights or light sources allowed unless on a special “Light Night”.