Farm Raised Meats

We have now been selling our meat for several years and continue to grow our loyal customer base. Our customers can know that the high quality beef from our cattle is:

-Never given antibiotics​​
-Never given steroids or growth hormones
-Grass fed, produced from cattle raised on native and improved pasture
-Raised locally, right here at Denton Valley Farms​
-Harvested humanely and processed by a local processor who is USDA inspected
-Sold at a retail store outlet (our Farm Store) which is inspected by the State Health     
     Department, insuring safe and sanitary products and adding another level of food safety 
     and sanitation that most other local meat producers cannot offer
​-Aged to our specifications, resulting in eating quality that is much more consistent than mass
     produced, store bought beef
-Competitively priced

Our meat is sold at the Farm Store during May- October, located on our clean and meticulously maintained farm. You can come out to the farm and see for yourself the cattle happily grazing in the adjacent pasture. Meat can also be purchased year round for delivery or pickup during months when the store is not open.

We offer every cut of meat imaginable and several that cannot be found in other stores. We also offer meat gift boxes as well as discounted prices on 1/2 and 1/4 beef purchases. We try to stay fully stocked year round. Even when the farm store is closed, please call us and we can meet you to purchase our meats.

 Our Farm Raised Meats

While we created Denton Valley Farms in 2007 with the central focus of growing high quality fruits and vegetables, we were also raising cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats. As a matter of fact, our family has been ranching in Callahan County for 5 generations. So naturally, we started our own herds by purchasing a few head of livestock from our family's herds, the bloodlines of which can be traced back to some of the family's original cattle more than 100 years ago. Over these 100 years, the cattle have been selectively bred and painstakingly documented to create a new breed of cattle that truly can be found nowhere else. Through years of DNA testing, our family has been able to reveal specific genes in certain cattle that result in higher quality meat. These cattle were then segregated, and through generations of breeding, the result is cattle that produce a superb quality of beef. To make a long story short, we are able to offer our customers beef that they can get nowhere else, literally!