We're dedicated to providing farm fresh local produce and meats. Be a locavore!

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We tried our first year with a normal 5' fence......

Even though I grew up hunting here and should have known better. We had a hard time keeping the deer out of all of our produce! So, the second year, we added on and made it a high fence. Some of you might have seen us at the Abilene Farmer's market in the past. We made some loyal customers and friends who value our quality products, so now we sell directly from our farm. We now have grapes (8 varieties), fruit trees (peach, plum, figs, apricots, & pomegranates), blackberries (thornless and thorned), as well as the main seasonal vegetables including peas, okra, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers. We also have Spanish & boer goats, dorper sheep, and cattle that we raise and have processed at a state inspected facility if you are looking for some great local meat options.

We love our farm and the values and work ethic that it instills in us every day.

We want to you to come out and see the fruits of our labor- literally. If you'd like to purchase some peaches fresh picked that morning, try some of our homemade ice cream, or simply get in touch with your "Country Roots", we welcome you to come on out.

Colby & Amanda Hatchett

In 2007 we cleared some land for a small 2.5 acre garden spot and plowed the ground for the first time it had been cultivated in over 40 years. Fresh out of College from Texas A&M, we decided to go back to our roots and start farming on the side in additional to our full time jobs. My family, the Farmers (ironically that is my mother's true maiden name), have been farmers for over 100 years here in Callahan County at Denton Valley, Texas. Denton Valley is a small farming community located north of Hwy 36, just 20 minutes southeast of Abilene.

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