Closed for Summer Season regular hours.

We will be open a few select Saturdays for grape picking and will be filling the rest of our bulk order. Follow our facebook page for those select days/hours.


Need green tomatoes for chow chow or peppers for salsa? We still have lots call or message us today!

Watermelons- orange and red seeded
Israeli melons
Peaches- a few smaller freestones
Green tomatoes
Peppers- lots of sweet and hot

We are truly at the end of our summer season. We simply cannot battle Mother Nature much longer.

Special Meat packages available for pickup this Saturday. Call or message us ahead of time and we will have it ready to go.

$60 All meat Sampler:
2 pork breakfast sausage
1 lamb Italian sausage
1 goat brats
1 beef German sausage
3# ground beef
1# your choice ground goat or lamb

$75 Beef sampler:
1 pkg sirloin
2 pkg round Steak
5# ground beef
1 roast (chuck, arm, round 2-3# random select)

$90 Ground beef bag:
15 pkgs(~1#/ea) ground beef 80/20

This has been one of the hottest, dryest, most difficult years thus far in Denton Valley Farms 15 year history. We will be closing the store for the summer season after this weekend, BUT...... We are going to try to fill all of our bulk orders as we continue to harvest some produce the rest of the summer. There may be a Saturday that we open back up for pick-your-own grapes or if we start picking more of our later variety peaches than what we have orders for, so always watch our facebook and our website for updates.

WE ARE ALSO GEARING UP FOR FALL Y'ALL. If you thought it could not get any bigger or better for fall, it is happening in 2022. We continue to listen to our customers and to try to build what you want. We are adding more parking, more staff, more ticket booths, more bathrooms, more food options/locations, more drink stations, and more activities..... and spreading everything out over even more area! 

We are the place to gather with friends & family for each special holiday and every season throughout the year!